Govt. Hires Firm to Fix Problems it Created

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It amazes me how some people are willfully blind to reality, especially when it comes to their own political parties. It happens on both the Republican and Democrat side. If the other side does something, it is the most despicable thing to ever happen. If their side does it, well, it’s okay, because the other side did it too.

Several days ago, I posted a video from 60 minutes, that documented how people from both parties enrich themselves after being elected to Congress. Make no mistake, this is a politician problem, not a party problem.

But when mentioned to a certain, die hard Democrat, the response was “f’n Republicans, anyway,” as if no Democrats were mentioned in the piece at all.

Fast forward to the ridicule about the Obamacare rollout, and the fact that people are required to purchase maternity and pediatric care that they have no use for. Since we tend not to carry coverage that we don’t need, it has been labeled as “substandard”.

Let’s flash back to our die hard Democrat. What’s his thought on this mandatory maternity care?

“It has to be Republican sabotage in order to make this law to fail.”

Let’s see. How could the Republicans have sabotaged it when a) they were not the majority in either chamber, b) they did not contribute to the bill, and c) not a single one voted for it.

The only potential sabotage came from the company who made the website; Quality Software Systems, Inc., a Canadian company who employs friends of Michele Obama.

But there is more to this story.

QSSI is a subsidiary, owned by, drum roll please…..

UnitedHealth Group.

And who does UnitedHealth Group own?


So, not only does the government look bad, but so does UnitedHealth Group.

But wait! It gets even better!

The president announced a tech surge to fix the ailing website and get it running properly.

Who has been hired to fix the problem?

Quality Software Systems, Inc.

In the end, it would not surprise me that somewhere along the line, they sabotaged their own work in order to get more money from the government. Six hundred thirty four million? That’s just the finder’s fee, I guess.

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