Shut Up and Take Your Medicine!

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Ezekiel Emanuel

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (Photo credit: The Aspen Institute)

Over the weekend, the Democrats have suddenly changed their argument again on Obamacare. This time, they are deriding the 5% of the population, or 15 million people, who are facing increases in premiums, out of pocket expenses and deductibles. Their claim is that this is not going to impact 90% of Americans.

The population is roughly 314 million people. Doing the math, that means that 282 million won’t be impacted (or 270 million if you go by their number of 300 million). Where do the so-called 50 million uninsured or under insured fall in this characterization?

What they are saying is that those who get insurance through their employers won’t be affected.


My wife’s plan through her employer has already changed, and everything has gone up for her.

The employer mandate has been delayed for a year, but when it comes time for it to be enforced, I think a lot of these plans will be affected. I think you are going to see a lot of big corporations having to also get rid of “substandard” plans and institute new ones for their employees, and you will then see those employees experience sticker shock, as all of their costs go up as well.

To assume that employer packages will not change is naive at best.

The reality is that a lot of those packages will have to change in order to pay for all the people who are getting subsidized, and taxes will inevitable have to go up in order to pay for those who are being signed up for Medicaid at an alarming rate.

If most of these people are going to be signed up for Medicaid anyway, why not just work to reach out to those who need Medicaid in the first place instead of saddling the rest of us with this monstrosity.?

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. yesterday. Dr. Emanuel is one of the architects of Obamacare, and is the brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Cronyism yet again from the Obama administration.

One of the things that Dr. Emanuel said was that when the uninsured go to the doctor, those who have insurance plans pay for it, known as cost shifting.

That’s true, but let me ask this. Who pays for those who will have to go to the emergency room, after having been forced out of their own plans because the government deemed them “substandard”? How does this fix things? Because there are more people to pick up the tab? I think you will be sadly mistaken as people will be forced to go without because they can’t afford their premiums, and decide to pay the penalty instead.

Are those who are being signed up for Medicaid going to pick up the tab? They aren’t paying for anything, so, no, they won’t be paying.

Instead, you have a situation where you are actually shrinking the pool of those who will take on those “cost shifts”. One thing I have to say about those Emanuel boys. They aren’t exactly high on the list of forward thinkers.

Democrats keep insisting that everyone will pay lower premiums, even though we know that isn’t true.

It’s a Trojan Horse. Americans were skeptical of it when Obama was lying about it. Now that we are seeing what is happening, we are getting angry about it.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) went on with Bob Schieffer  and said “that there are too many “destroyers” in the House, in the public and in the private healthcare sector who all they want to do is destroy. And that’s not helpful.”

So, in her view, if you are opposed to Obamacare, you are a destroyer. If you found out that your costs are going up and you don’t like it, you are a destroyer. If you work in the healthcare sector, and don’t like the government ripping you off, you are a destroyer.

“I don’t think there has ever been any website started to do what this website does in the size of this one.”

Do you mean a website intended to sell a product, Senator? Does Amazon ring a bell? eBay? Sears? Target? Walmart? One of those has to mean something to you.

If you watch the video, one of the things I picked up on is Feinstein’s seeming inability to look Schieffer in the eye for most of the interview, which means she’s lying through most of it.

On the President’s lies about keeping you plan:

FEINSTEIN: Well, as I understand it, you can keep it up to the time — and I hope this is correct, but this is what I’ve been told — up to the time the bill was enacted, and after that, it’s a different story.  That part of it, if true, was never made clear.

What you’ve been told? Did you not read the flippin’ bill? Of course you didn’t!

But what about people who work for themselves, and barely make ends meet? They are trying to grow their businesses, and they are the only employee? Are they considered so rich that they can afford to pay these premiums?

Also over the weekend, a cancer survivor wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, talking about how they were losing their insurance, AND their doctors because of Obamacare.

What was the response of the progressives?

From Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer:

The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today’s Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance  via @TPHealth

The link leads to lefty site Think, a leading proponent for Obamacare. They claim it isn’t Obamacare, it’s the company, United Healthcare that’s at fault.

But Sundby shouldn’t blame reform — United Healthcare dropped her coverage because they’ve struggled to compete in California’s individual health care market for years and didn’t want to pay for sicker patients like Sundby.

Oh, those evil insurance companies! If Obamacare weren’t kicking in and forcing all of these “substandard” plans to be dropped in favor of more expensive, more comprehensive coverage, I’m sure maternity care is the last thing on her mind, then she would be a lot worse off than she is now.

This article exposes what should have been happening all along. In order for us to purchase health insurance, the insurance company had to offer policies within a given state. As the article points out, united healthcare was struggling to compete in California, and with Obamacare, they have decided they are dropping individual plans in California.

Let’s say that United Healthcare was successful in nearby Arizona. Why does Federal law prohibit her from purchasing health insurance across state lines? Why could she not purchase her insurance from Arizona? If that gives her what she needs, as long as it conformed to California state law, what’s wrong with changing Federal law to allow that?

Because it would be an erosion of Federal power, that’s what’s wrong with it. Obamacare is not about healthcare. It is about the expansion of power and control. Look at all the information they want on all of the citizens. It isn’t for Obama. The government is just laying the groundwork now, for someone in the future…….

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