The End of Obama’s Presidency

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Sen. Chuck Schumer and Brooklyn Pres. Markowitz

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Brooklyn Pres. Markowitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know that the president has seriously screwed up when members of his own party, high ranking members, openly turn on him.

Desperate to divert attention away from the flailing and floundering that is Obamacare (a term that Obama embraced during the 2012 election, but is now running from), Secretary of State Lurch concluded a nuclear treaty with Iran. Iran has promised to “freeze” their enrichment program in exchange for the US unfreezing approximately $8 billion in assets.

Of course, it comes down to money, money, money, who do you trust?

Do you trust the Iranians, who have been hostile to us since 1979 to follow through? Suddenly, Iran has a new president, and that signals the end of hostility? Have we forgotten that the president of Iran is really just a figurehead? That Ayatollah Khamenei  is the one with the true power in that country?

The senior military aide to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that Iran has strong-armed Obama into accepting its nuclear rights.

Of course it is sent out through state sponsored media outlets that the Iranians won. But can you trust a nation that concludes a deal one day, then comes out proclaiming victory over Obama?

In reality, the agreement is confirmation of Iran’s uranium enrichment program at a relatively high level, although some of the highest level enrichment is supposed to be suspended. The fact is that in return for a weakening of sanctions that were putting great pressure on Iran, the centrifuges keep spinning, the facilities are maintained, and at best the length of time for an Iranian nuclear “breakout” has been lengthened for a short period.

I’m not the only one who distrusts the Iranians. In an unusual move, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY, AKA Chucky) came out and said that this agreement only makes tougher sanctions more likely.

In other words, the Senate is not likely to approve the treaty, and call for more stringent sanctions against Iran.

“Iran simply freezes its nuclear capabilities while we reduce the sanctions,” Schumer continued. “This disproportionality of this agreement makes it more likely that Democrats and Republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in December. I intend to discuss that possibility with my colleagues.”

Chuck Schumer is saying that the president is forcing both parties in the Senate to come together against this treaty? Is this what Obama meant when he said that he wanted to work with Congress in a bipartisan way, by doing something so stupid that they feel they have no choice but to come together?

Of course, we have Secretary of State Lurch, who is desperate for a signature accomplishment himself, having spent his early weeks being virtually ignored by world learders.

Didn’t he once say that, as president, he would make us more respected in the world? He can’t do it as SoS, so what makes anyone believe he could do it as president?

It isn’t just the Senate who are unhappy. The Israelis, of course, are not happy, especially since Iran is constantly threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Benjamin Netanyahu has every reason to be worried. If a guy in your neighborhood threatens every single day to come over and kill you, you don’t sit and ignore it. You take steps to prepare yourself for the time when he  may follow through. Or you take steps to prevent him from following up on his threats, like calling the police. In Netanyahu’s case, the police would be the Israeli Air Force.

The Jews allowed themselves to nearly be exterminated once. They are not about to let it happen a second time without a fight.

The other nation that is getting nervous is Saudi Arabia. Earlier this year, the Saudis gave this administration the finger, and said the Obama administration is not to be trusted.

Now that this deal is in place (for now), the Saudis have said they will strike out on their own if need be.

The Saudis are not friendly with Iran. Islam is divided into two camps. The Sunnis and the Shiites. Iran the leading Shiite Muslim nation, while Saudi Arabia is the leading Sunni nation. A nuclear Iran would be bad news for most of the middle east.

Of course, the Saudis aren’t happy because they were left out of the loop.

I’m not really a fan of Saudi Arabia, but they have to live there, under the threat of a nuclear Iran. Didn’t anyone think it would be a good idea to include them (and Israel) in the talks?

Saudi Arabia’s threat to strike out on their own, however, has less to do with the nuclear talks, and more about what may happen if Iran gets involved in Syria’s civil war.

[Saudi Arabia] will be there to stop them wherever they are in Arab countries,” [Nawaf Obaid] said. “We cannot accept Revolutionary Guards running round Homs.

This is how world wars start.

Of course, Saudi Arabia has its own issues with Israel, so the two will not be open allies or friendly any time soon.

In the end, if the President is defeated on this treaty, does it mean an end to his agenda, an end to his presidency?

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