Will Gun Control Stop School Shootings?

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In the wake of Thursday’s mass murder at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, we have to start asking hard questions. Gun control advocates immediately knee jerk and say we have to pass tighter gun control laws. Pro-gun advocates immediately knee jerk and say that gun control is not the answer, neither of which address the issue of the hatred in the heart of the individual who feels compelled to kill.

In this particular instance, the individual in question was one of those males who apparently felt the need to take revenge on society, because they couldn’t get laid.


They refer to this as the “Beta Uprising”.

What is a Beta Uprising?

There are a number of young males who blame feminism for the fact that they can’t get laid or find a girlfriend. They can’t deal with the reality that dealing with rejection is a uniquely male province. I’m not saying women don’t get rejected, but the task of asking a girl out is generally up to the male. No matter how much feminism exists in the world, it is generally up to the make to initiate, and thus be rejected most of the time.

They never take into consideration two things. One, that they could be assholes. Two, that they are probably rejecting a large number of women who don’t meet their criterion. Oh, the irony!

Their point of view appears to be that because of feminism, most women are attracted to, and date only, the alpha males. This, of course, is ludicrous, but that’s how they feel.

Because they can’t get laid or find a girlfriend, they blame society and since society is to blame, society must pay for its sins.

This “Beta Uprising” movement apparently began in May, 2014 when 22 year old Elliott Rodger went on a rampage killing in Santa Barbara, California, claiming 20 victims using a knife, handguns and his car. Six were killed.

Rodger had uploaded a video to You Tube claiming the motivation behind his rampage was his sexual frustration and rejection by women. His targets were men who were sexually active (the alphas) and having more fun in life than he, and women for rejecting him.

It never occurs to these folks that maybe the reason they can’t find a girlfriend is because they’re assholes.

But, if getting laid is the basis of all of this, Nevada was only a few hours away. Maybe this is an argument for the legalization of prostitution. *shrug*

Banning guns is not going to erase the hatred in the hearts of those who desire to cause harm to other people. Restricting access to them is not going to prevent mass murders. After all, Elliott Rodger used a knife in some of his attacks.

However, this incident and every incident that occurs bring out the same tired arguments, the same old tired talking points. Gun control doesn’t work because criminals don’t obey laws. Perhaps we should just take robbery, theft and murder laws off the books, because they obviously don’t work, because criminals don’t obey them.

Of course we are not going to get rid of those laws, because they set forth the penalties for breaking them.

But at the same time, gun control doesn’t work. The media often beats the drum of this nation becoming more like Australia, who in 1996 after a mass shooting that left 35 dead, enacted a law to confiscate all the guns in the country through a mandatory buy back program.

The problem is that mandatory doesn’t always mean mandatory. For example, the individual mandate in Obamacare that states that I must purchase health insurance. I haven’t, and I won’t. I get fined, but you know what? The fines are cheaper than the insurance.

Let’s look at Australia. The mandatory buy back, it is estimated, only removed one out of every five to one out of every four weapons in the country. There has not been a mass shooting since.

Does that mean that taking away only 20 to 25% of the weapons is the solution to the problem?

Since 1993 (through 2012), the homicide rate in Australia has remained relatively steady. Armed robbery pushed higher for awhile until 2001, and has been declining since. The problem that has exploded in Australia is sexual assault.


It looks like saying violent crime in Australia has fallen due to gun control is disingenuous, much like saying violent crime has exploded is simply not true, either.

The comparison of Switzerland and Honduras is also disingenuous. Two countries are being compared: one being a relatively wealthy nation to one plagued by gang violence and drug trafficking. The same goes for Mexico, another favorite of the anti-gun control crowd.

Within the US, Chicago is the perennial favorite example of how gun control doesn’t work. Again, this is a city plagued by gangs and gang violence, but it is a great example of how the criminal underworld can still get their hands on weapons despite laws that are supposed to prevent it.

Let’s say for a moment that we enact stricter background checks like Obama wants to prevent people with mental illness from getting firearms. How will it work? How will it prevent mentally ill people from obtaining firearms if they don’t seek help, if they are never diagnosed? Therein lies the biggest loophole in any such law. Would it have prevented James Holmes from obtaining firearms? He got his legally. Dylan Roof also obtained his legally. Jaylen Fryberg in Washington stole his weapons from his father, who had obtained them illegally. Adam Lanza stole his mother’s legal firearms after murdering her.

What is the solution? Pro-gun advocates say we should have armed security at our schools, or we should arm the teachers.

There was armed security at Columbine. One of them was killed.

The problem with arming teachers is that not everyone is comfortable using firearms, and don’t want to. Forcing them to do so is as silly as laws requiring firearm ownership. Owning a gun is a right, not an obligation.

Besides, despite what pro-firearm people believe, not everyone wants to have their children in school knowing there are firearms on the premises, and with good reason. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that we do arm the teachers. At UCC, the teacher in the classroom was shot in the head through a window. So much for that idea.

What can we do to stop this, to prevent it from happening in the future?

Every day we are bombarded by ads for new pharmaceuticals warning that their product may cause feelings of suicide. Has anyone researched the relationship between the rise of pharmaceuticals and the rise of mass shootings? Am I simply clutching at straws?

What’s the answer? Metal detectors at every door? It seems clear that our schools and colleges need to have to have security teams of some kind, but there are a lot of schools and colleges in this country. Is it feasible and cost effective? If we secure our schools, which is where most mass shootings occur, will maniacal gunmen move to theaters and malls? Oh, wait.

No solution is perfect, and nothing will prevent a determined individual from killing a large number of people. Yes, the Clackamas Town Center shooter was stymied by a man carrying his own weapon. He saved many lives that day. At UCC, a veteran was shot 7 times trying to stop the gunman. He will live.

It has also been suggested to get rid of gun-free zones, so those who can legally carry concealed can have their weapons with them in case something starts happening. But you cannot force everyone to drop their gun free zones. If a business wants you to leave your firearm outside, you have to respect that. After all, it is their property, and they have the right to choose what rules apply to their establishment. Gun control advocates fear that this will turn our cities into the Wild West, something that is yet to happen. Gangs have already accomplished that.

But it is no coincidence that these shooters choose soft targets where they know they will have some time to do their despicable work before the police arrive. Instead of lowering the flags to half staff, having candlelight vigils and prayers for the victims, we need to start looking for solutions. Real solutions.

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